Why aren't you using Google Drive?

This week a colleague told me he was sad to be deleting his archived folders from the last 20 years of his teaching career, but he had to because they are taking up too much space on the school drive. I immediately said "Why aren't you using Google Drive?". Our school is registered for Google for Education (absolutely free), so every teacher has access to the full GSuite. This includes unlimited storage space on Google Drive. That's right - unlimited!

Drives In the Google Drive you are given your own Drive with unlimited storage where you can create/upload your own folders and files. You are the owner of the content in your drive. There is also the option (if your school Google admin has enabled it) to create Team Drives, which are for groups of people. We have our own department Team Drive, EdTech Team Drive etc. Every member of these drives own the content. This means that the content is still available even if the teacher who created it leaves the school. There is also a 'recently visited' option and a 'starred' option, where you have quick access to the folders and files you have starred. I use the starred feature for folders of work I am currently teaching each term.

Collaboration This is GSuite so collaboration is the aim of the game. Every file and folder can be shared with anyone inside or outside your school domain. The magic of sharing is that you never have to duplicate a file ever again. No need to ever copy and paste a file, just simply share it. In this way every person you share the file with can access the same live document and collaborate with you. Google Drive also gives you a history of everyone who has entered the file and a time stamp.

Access I no longer buy a new USB drive every few months because I've lost it. I no longer use a back up drive. I also never forget them because there is no need for them with Google Drive. If at home, work or the supermarket as long as you can access a web browser you can access your Drive. ​ You can even access files offline.

Privacy What about my files and documents? Won't Google use the information to target me with advertising and sell my details? What about sensitive information like student details? Google for Education doesn't own your content, sell your data or subject you to adverts. Check out Google for Education Privacy and Security information.

So I asked my colleague "Why aren't you using Google Drive?". He said he wasn't ready to learn how to use it yet and proceeded to delete the last 20 years of his work. Learn how to use GSuite by becoming a certified Google Educator at the online Training Center.

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