Top 10 Apps to try in 2018

Check out our latest infographic showcasing the Top 10 Apps to try in the classroom in 2018.

2017 was a year of trying new stuff for many of us. In 2018, it's the year of embedding useful apps and only trialling new ones that will help us reach learning goals. Here are our Top 10 suggestions for this year.

1. YouTube VR

Here's a great festive VR treat!

2. Bitmoji

3. Kahoot!

4. EdPuzzle

5. Flipgrid

6. Jigspace

7. Class Dojo

8. Ditty

9. Canva

10. Audible

We hope you have fun trying out some new tools but more importantly embedding them in your practice. Please do let us know if you have used them in creative ways in the classroom or any others that you would recommend.

Thanks for all your support throughout 2017; we appreciate it and will look forward to sharing more great things from The EduTech Project in the next few months.

Happy New Year - bring on 2018!

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