Purpose + Priority + Productivity + ??? = Extraordinary Results

Originally posted on www.itsbenwhitaker.com on 14/08/2017

Purpose, priority and productivity - a simple formula for extraordinary results. Productivity - work or effort - is only the tip of the iceberg. It is the visible that shows priority and purpose from below the surface. I heard a preacher once say that if you want to know where your priority is let me see your calendar and your bank account - where you spend your time and money tell you what matters most.

Every venture needs productive people. Keller says that "Great businesses are built one productive person at a time." I am convinced that we need more people working harder. But not just harder, smarter too. Working hard at what matters most. People in purpose on purpose for purpose.

How much more satisfying would it be to not only do what you love but get paid for it too? In my role as Director of Sixth Form and looking after EdTech I absolutely did. I loved it, got paid for it, was pretty good at it and certainly it was needed. However, life is seasonal. I am convinced that purpose may be too. Or it could be that there is a fourth P - place. You can be working on purpose, prioritising and being productive but if the placement is wrong, it doesn't necessarily mean the results are your best. You may well achieve extraordinary things but whether you are placed correctly is worth re-evaluating. Sometimes situations make the place untenable despite it being productive. Know the Why as Simon Sinek would say. Helen Keller then says if we know this we can deal with almost any how. The what & when come next. Perhaps the where is worth another think too. Remember, practice doesn't make perfect; practice makes permanent. Practice in the right way (and place) can make perfect.

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