Build a PLN: Part 3

Our good friend, Mark Anderson, @ICTEvangelist, created an excellent graphic above of Educational Tweeters (or EduTweeters) to follow. I will be creating something similar in the coming months, separated into categories - leadership, subjects areas, pedagogy, etc. However, this is so good to get you going in terms of building your own PLN. Right in front of you, literally in the palm of your hands, you can hear from top-class educators, administrators and leaders. Many of them share free resources and ideas on a daily basis which can all help to improve your practice (so long as you reflect on how they fit your context).

Two of the big guns on here are @TeacherToolkit (left) and @ICT_MrP (middle) and I had the privilege of meeting them at BETT2018! I even managed to get a free signed book from Ross, which I can't wait to read! The third picture (Right) is with Elysia from @nobledoughnuts - a great new startup to help with tutorial time. I also would recommend a few extra world-class educators that are currently taking the Twittersphere by storm. Why not follow these guys too by clicking the links below?








We wholeheartedly believe that building a genuine PLN is more important and effective than generic professional development (PD) in schools - it is bespoke and focused - you can find people who teach your subject, who are doing well at it and who are trying innovative things in the classroom! No more broad brushstrokes of staff training that might hit a few people and make a difference - in your everyday teaching, marking, planning, you can connect with people all around the world at the top of their game or just trying some stuff. This is the beauty of social media with educators - not everyone is getting it right and lots of edutweeters are willing to share what went wrong too! There are loads of companies and strategists to follow too if you need some inspiration or information. Many of them respond really quickly and act on feedback you send. There is something really powerful about tagging somebody with the @ symbol - it lands on their 'desk' and everyone can see if they don't respond! See product updates, special offers and how other educators are using the tools to engage learners.

Some of our favourite tools are also some of the most active on social media. Why not try following these tools by clicking the links below:









So, there you have it, loads of practical help to building your own it's time to start building it! Do let us know how you get on and/or any things you want us to blog about in the future. We love hearing feedback from our readers.


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