EduTech Buzzwords

It's never easy keeping up to date with all the trends and terminology. I still remember using the words like 'cool' and 'wicked' to describe something cool and wicked. Apparently, even the dab (a staple Dad embarrassment tool) is not acceptable in 2018 classrooms either! Who would have thought? This post is not really about the new words in the English language (although some of the gallery images of words below are HILARIOUS!) nor about words that should be brought back into our vocabulary (although the YouTube video is brilliant - please ignore the creepy music!!! - and I would love to see a return of some of these!). No, rather, this post is about EduTech Buzzwords - phrases that everyone seems to be using these days in our circles but perhaps you need a Dummies Guide To. I hope they are useful (and if not, at least the pictures and video will make you chuckle!). Feel free to share the infographic.

#Infographics #blendedlearning #flippedlearning #appsmashing #gamification #4Cs #SAMR #VLE #platform #augmentation #asynchronous #digitalfluency #buzzwords #edutech #edtech #language


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