11 Behaviours of Excellent Teachers & Leaders

Having now completed Jimmy Casas' great book, Culturize, and having already blogged about things he wishes he had been told before he became a Principal, I found these snippets of gold in the last few pages. He outlined the four Core Principles of creating a positive school culture as:

1. Champion for Students - remember that they are the reason schools exist and find ways to find their ways

2. Expect Excellence - to eliminate average we must set the bar high and then help everyone get there

3. Carry the Banner - always be on duty and ensure conduct is consistent

4. Be a Merchant of Hope - always look for the best and believe for better despite the circumstances

I loved these ideas, especially #4.

This infographic then highlights the behaviours that allow these core principles to come alive - Casas makes a huge deal about leading from everywhere - it is not good enough just to expect SLT or principals to lead like this; it is down to all of us.

Download the HD PDF here.

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