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Having been an advocate of ISTE standards to measure the impact of edtech in the classroom for a number of years, I was excited to hear that #ISTE18 saw the launch of a new set of standards. According to ISTE CEO Richard Culatta, there was a need to strategically change their title too - rather than ISTE Standards for Administrators, they have mooted the fact that leadership isn't just down to school administration or SLT by calling them ISTE Standards for Education Leaders. Often, digital citizenship has been about online safety or an online footprint. Colatta suggests this is wrong. Digital citizenship is more than this;

"Digital citizenship is using technology to solve problems, to engage respectfully with people of different viewpoints, to make your voice heard and to understand how to recognize fact from fiction."

The characteristics of effective leaders outlined in the new standards. These are:

  1. Equity and Citizenship Advocate: Leaders use technology to increase equity, inclusion and digital citizenship practices.

  2. Visionary Planner: Leaders engage others in establishing a vision, strategic plan and ongoing evaluation cycle for transforming learning with technology.

  3. Empowering Leader: Leaders create a culture where teachers and learners are empowered to use technology in innovative ways to enrich teaching and learning.

  4. Systems Designer: Leaders build teams and systems to implement, sustain and continually improve the use of technology to support learning.

  5. Connected Learner: Leaders model and promote continuous professional learning for themselves and others.

I love how these ideas are certainly manageable and measurable. How great would it be if every school improvement plan had an element that focused on technology and used these as the desirable impact column? I certainly am advocating for this and believe it is possible.

I genuinely hope to be able to make it to Philadelphia in 2019 - if anyone wants to help me get there...

Check out the full ISTE website here.

Download a PDF version of the 2018 ISTE Standards here too.

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