An edtech solution for a low tech classroom

A low tech classroom does not mean that technology cannot assist teaching and learning for the better. Starting at my new school in September I found it difficult teaching in a classroom where students did not have one-to-one devices. My 'go to' tools such as the question feature on Google Classroom or Quizizz were no longer available for real time assessment in the classroom. I had come across Plickers before but had no reason to use it, until now.

In a sentence, Plickers is an app/website that scans student responses to questions when they hold up a code at a specific angle. Give each student in your class their individual code, I get mine to stick them in the back of their books, then get them to answer a multiple choice question and scan with your phone/device for real time data on every student.

Click here for the Plickers Getting Started Guide

Why use Plickers?

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