Going Google: Goal Setting

"Where there is no vision, the people perish."

Proverbs 29:19

This is the second blog post in my series 'Going Google', where I am documenting the adoption of Google for Education in my new school. In my first blog, last week, I emphasised the importance of taking small steps and encouraging grassroots enthusiasm. This enthusiasm has already began to spread with certain teachers; a number of them wanting to complete the Google educator online course and some departments who have already set up Google Classrooms and are using them with their GCSE students.

This morning we ran our first voluntary Google CPD breakfast session. Over 10 members of staff arrived early to school (helped by the bribe of a free breakfast and coffee) and engaged in G Suite training and discussions. Each member of staff was genuinely interested in using the Google tools to advance learning in their classrooms. For some, the small steps are becoming big steps. There is now a need for a more solid long term vision.

In the past week myself (as the teaching lead for the Google adoption) and our IT Manager have met to begin the process of goal setting. At this stage we feel the need to set out a strong vision that has clear goals. This in turn will be shared with staff and governors. It is important that as well as a conceptual vision there be manageable and frequent goals. In this way, progress can be monitored and decisions can be made throughout the journey. In the words of the Google Transformation Centre "Without metrics, the vision will be an inspirational tag line rather than a tool for driving change."

We are now in the process of working on a shared Google doc that outlines the journey ahead of us. This will document every step we take and help us to keep on top of the short-term goals, measuring them against our vision. I have created the info-graphic below to show the model I hope to follow for goal setting. This was inspired by the Google Transformation Centre. I will keep you updated in future 'Going Google' blog posts about our successes and setbacks.

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