Bridging the Digital Skills Gap

BETT has been and gone again for another year - and what a show it has been. I have had the best time with some amazing companies, people and products. Thanks so much to the team at BENQ, EdTechTeam, Quizlet, Texthelp, NetSupport and Google for Education for allowing me to work my passion - it’s been great!

My final soiree for 2019’s event was speaking on the Google Teacher Theatre with Dan Fitzpatrick, on the topic of Bridging the Digital Skills Gap. This was an opportunity to showcase how Project Digital is shaping the education and skills training of apprentices as a dynamic partnership between +24 Marketing and Burnley College.

In essence, we highlighted that in trying to address the current and future skills gap for the UK (which currently stands at a staggering 40000), we need to prepare students by equipping them with the skills that the possible jobs of the future might need. Referencing Adam Caplan and the Learning with Google team, I got to highlight how the GSuite is being used to transform apprentice learning at Project Digital. Google Classroom is the Mission Control and the apprentice’s employers are the ‘Parents’ who receive updates on learning & progress, Slides, Docs and Sheets are the ongoing collaborative tools that allow for real-time activity and learning, Forms gather the data from evaluations, reviews and low-stakes quizzes and Calendar & Gmail help the learners to stay organised and connected. A whistlestop tour of a real use of the GSuite if ever I saw one!

Until next year...

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