Joining the Edufuturist team

How it started

So this is my first delve in to any kind of published blog or putting down my thoughts and sharing. This first installment is just about how me coming onboard with Dan, Ben and Edufuturists has come about…

Well first thing to say is what a privilege it was to be asked and it was an easy decision really. I first met with Dan and Ben under the banner of what was ‘The EduTech Project’ early 2018 when they were planning their first conference. I had seen on social media (I love Twitter so I will definitely be writing a future blog on the importance and power of the platform) that they were looking for speakers and thought it can’t harm to apply.

Well this was the start of what was to come and straight away when I got chatting to the guys when they accepted me to do a keynote slot I could see they shared my passion for edtech and supporting others with their journey too.

The conference last year was one of my favourite as I loved the fact it was by teachers for teachers and the feel of the round table discussion just made it feel very special. (Below are some images of the great line up of keynote speakers from last year's summit)

Since the conference I have been in constant contact with both the guys and we have talked endlessly about how we want to create a northern edtech powerhouse as we felt that the area is growing and picking up steam and we would love to play a part in it.

So when we managed to all finally meet up at BETT the conversation carried on from where it had left off and the fun we have when we catch up is brilliant and enjoyable.

So as I got home Ben and Dan asked to have a chat and that’s where the option for me to come on board and as much as I was surprised as the work they are already doing is amazing and listening to their podcast is a big part of my week, I couldn’t say no!

What I feel I can bring to the team

I first started my life as a sports teacher and have worked in the further education sector for 13 years. I have a passion for making a difference in students’ lives and experience and feel that my approach to empower staff to empower their learners. I am currently the Head of Independent learning at Leeds City College and have overseen the college moving completely to Google for Education as our digital platform for learning and also in the college becoming a Google Reference College.

Since I moved in to the edtech field I have widened my PLN (personal learning network) and feel that the contacts and relationships I have in education but also with businesses is a strength for the team.

The last thing is I love imagining the unimaginable and think this will help with what we do going forward.

All that is left to say is that I am excited for the future with Edufuturists,

Hope you enjoy my contributions to the podcasts and blogs and see you all on 12th July at the Summit and Awards.

Best wishes,


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