How an openness to sharing with others will help all in education...mainly the students

So whether it is simply sharing some of the ideas or resources you have created on Twitter, inviting other teachers in to your classroom or opening your doors to let other education providers come in see what you are doing and to share best practice, then I think we need to do this more and promote and celebrate ourselves and staff for doing it.

A few years ago when someone mentioned that they had found a resource online it would be, “ok, so how much did it cost you?”. But now, there seem to be more people willing to share their resources to help others. Albeit it seems to be the US leading the charge with this and us British do seem at times, well, very British about not wanting to boast about some great work we may have done. I think the use of Twitter to share and celebrate the great work people are doing in education around the UK has supported the move to more openness and sharing but still more can be done.

I still hear of people in similar roles to me and other roles too where their bosses explicitly tell them that the great things they are doing should not be shared! Maybe this is fear that others will steal the crown jewel of ideas which makes that college brilliant at one thing or another...but I for one actively promote sharing, and magpieing ideas.

At Leeds City College, we actively promote sharing ideas and best practice and have a Google community where staff can share the amazing things they are doing in their practice, which may inspire someone else to magpie their idea or spur them on to challenge themselves to do something differently with their learners. I am also lucky that I am supported to promote what we do externally through conferences and events but also that we open our doors to any other education provider who wants to be supported or just come have a look at what we are trying to implement in regards to Google, Independent learning and developing an effective professional development programme or anything edtech.

An example of this is this week we had another college come visit us to learn about our use of Google for education and how we created a successful professional development strategy to support its implementation. This was a great day all round and even though I was the one sharing the best practice I got a great kick out of helping others along in their journey and also identifying some possible things which we came across and how we dealt with them.

I know that if we are working in close proximity near another college or school then we may be competing for the same learners to come through our doors but if we do not share best practice then ultimately the ones who suffer are the learners themselves. Obviously this is only my opinion but I do think lets make UK Edtech strong by sharing and not being so insulur when we do something well.

Would love to hear your thoughts on this and if your school or college has a similar approach.

Best wishes,


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