Priority in Google Drive

So, Google Drive just made itself even more useful. Not only does it have the option to 'filter' your files based on Starred, Team Drives and Shared with Me, the new Priority option at the top of Drive allows you to create a place for your most important files. This is something that always frustrates me because I tend to have loads of files and folders and don't always know where I have put something (or even what I named it for the Search bar tool before anyone tells me that!).

“Priority” works to suggest relevant documents using Google's innovative AI technology, while “Workspaces” (mentioned below) help arrange files that you might need quick access to. Google have said:

"The goal of Priority is to put your most important files in one place. Using machine learning, we identify the files that are high-priority for you to work on. When you open the page, you’ll see those files, along with comments and suggested actions."

What is really cool about Priority though is the idea of Workspaces. Google argue that most people are only working with 10-20 files at any one time. Therefore, "Users can privately organise files into a workspace without affecting their storage location or permissions. Essentially a shortcut, the feature is intended to provide faster access for a current project or documents you repeatedly access during a day of the week for a meeting."

So in terms of building features that save teachers time and improve their workflow, Priority seems to be an absolute winner. If the AI is intelligent enough, those features might enhance your workflow immensely. Workspaces can help you collaborate more efficiently and as an evolution of the Quick Access and Team Drives features of Google Drive, I can only see it being beneficial.

*As it stands, this feature is only available for Education & Enterprise accounts so let's see if it rolls out to ordinary GSuite accounts...

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