Project Digital does Jamboard

Project Digital is here to revolutionise the Digital Industry, by providing a distinguished and driven workforce of the future. It delivers intense, industry-standard Digital Apprenticeship training programmes to individuals keen to thrive within the Digital Industry. With the digital skills gap in the UK currently standing at 40000 with no sign of decreasing, the team at +24 Marketing and Burnley College collaboratively developed a solution: industry-led digital training. I have the privilege of serving as Chief Education Officer, overseeing this project.

Today, my apprentices took part in a collaborative marketing activity where they needed to share ideas and rank them in order. As part of this process, we felt that the Google Jamboard would be the best tool for the job. Although only one of the Apprentices has a Chromebook with the app, we used the web version and the kiosk to curate our ideas. As frequent users of the Google tools, these learners found jamming easy and it was an integrated part of their intuitive use of the suite.

My learners come from a variety of employment backgrounds ranging from a voluntary organisation in the charitable sector to the education department at our local NHS trust, as well as every sized business in between, including car manufacturers, children’s toy producers and a construction skills academy. Their experiences are showcased in the quotes below.

A few weeks ago, they also worked on a marketing campaign for BENQ UK where they produced collateral for the team’s work at the Schools and Academies Show in London. They used the Jamboard as their planning tool as many of their pieces would centre around the Jamboard as a key sales target for the company. Have a look at the amazing work they created below, including a 1 minute promotional video.

For more information about Google Jamboard and to get hold of one for your school and college, contact Lisa Yates at BenQ UK who will be more than happy to help. You can also see the Jamboard in action at our Edufuturists Summit on 12th July this year. Book on today!

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