Why are we doing this?

This is a question that myself, Ben and Steven come back to on a regular basis in our EduFuturist work. It's amazing to be part of a team that continually grounds itself in its core principles. Fundamentally, we believe that the power of cloud technology can transform education for the better. Over the last few years, all three of us have witnessed and been instrumental in the transformation that cloud technology can bring to learning, communication, work loads and ever decreasing budgets. So, why are we doing this? We want to share these stories with other educators, so that ultimately, our students will be better prepared for a successful career and be able to play a role in the ever changing technological world in which they live.

How are we doing this? We have been busy over the last few months re-focussing our efforts back into the things that support our main vision. This led us to bring Steven Hope into the team as co-director, with myself and Ben. We want Steven to be part of the team because he has been the major force behind Leeds City College's journey of transformation to cloud technology. Their success bears testament to the many ways new technology can enhance learning. Steven's expertise in leading change, his knowledge of the technology and his skills in implementing these cloud tools, will bring so much to our work. However it is the narrative, he can share, of Leeds City College's transformation that makes him a vital part of our team and to the educators we encounter. Read Steven's introductory blog here.

Now that we have our team, we are working tirelessly on making our 2019 summit and awards a day that will empower and equip educators in the UK, for the year ahead. Read more about the summit and awards here. You can also book up here. We have also decided to produce regular resources on a weekly basis. This means that all three of us will write one blog per week that shares ideas, tips and guidance on various aspects of our work in education and technology. As well as our regular podcast, which goes out on a Sunday, we are also launching a new podcast this week, that will have its regular spot on a Wednesday.

Our new podcast show is called EduFuturists Vault. This show will be a 10 minute long conversation between the three of us (we may have a guest from time to time), that showcases an edtech resource. These resources will range from software, hardware, cloud based apps, events, websites, and more. The hope is that over time we will build a vault of resources that we have all experienced and used. This means that educators looking for ideas and inspiration can learn about a resource, that we think has value, in 10 minutes and start using it that same day. Our first podcast will be released tomorrow and will feature the popular Chrome screen cast extension Screencastify.

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We are simply teachers sharing our stories with other teachers.

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