It's Only the FUTURE of Education

Until We Make it Happen.

5000+ people have celebrated with us so far. Will you this year?

Watch the live online event from June 30, to celebrate the people, schools, colleges & universities making it happen.

Special Announcement

Global education pioneer Sugata Mitra joined us for the Awards event as he shared the key findings from his career so far and recieved the Outstanding Achievement award, sponsored by C-Learning.

Award Winners.

Some of Our Previous Winners.

We're Back.

The Edufuturists are all of us - the dreamers, the innovators, the We'll-Never-Quitters.

We are calling all those with a passion to make a difference in education. Those who desire the very best for our young people. And those prepared to embrace change to turn this battleship around.

Celebrating the very best from around the world and acknowledging the innovation at the forefront of the future of education. They are recognition from peers and experts for those making an impact. They are acknowledgement of that pioneering and enduring spirit that pushes through whatever the world throws at it.

It starts with a day. But this is only the start. Start by connecting. Start by discovering. Start by having a go. Then we take on the world.

How It's Gone So Far.

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